Besco and Cabletronic with Tresor Attempto Racing for season 2024

March 28, 2024
28.03.2024 - Tresor Attempto Racing announces the partnership with the companies Besco and Cabletronic for the Fanatec GT World Challenge Europe powered by AWS 2024 Sprint and Endurance 2024, which will start on April 5-7 from Le Castellet (FRA).

This collaboration marks a significant moment for Tresor Attempto Racing, bringing on board two excellent partners in the Italian industrial landscape. Besco and Cabletronic are leading companies in their respective sectors, and their decision to join Tresor Attempto Racing highlights their shared determination to achieve important goals.

Founded in 1976 in the metalworking sector, Besco specialises in producing forklift trucks for reels in the paperboard industry, thanks to relationships with major companies in the printing machine sector. The company is a reference point at the European level and boasts a global market and diffusion.

Established in 2000 in Roveleto di Cadeo, Cabletronic is a company specialising in designing electronic systems, hardware, and software for the industrial machinery sector.  The highly qualified personnel's skills have allowed the development of a wide range of specialized control units for lifting, packaging and converting in the energy and gas turbine sector.

Ferdinando Geri, Team Principal Tresor Attempto Racing:
“The partnership with Besco and Cabletronic represents another step forward in our journey of sporting excellence and collaboration with top-level partners. We are determined to compete at our best to achieve the highest results, and having the support of collaborations of this calibre only strengthens our determination to excel.”

Tresor Attempto Racing will tackle the 2024 season with three Audi R8 LMS GT3 Evo II. In the Endurance series, car #99 will be entrusted to the Pro crew composed of Ricardo Feller (CH), Christopher Haase (GER) and Alex Aka (GER). Car #88 will be shared by Lorenzo Ferrari (ITA), Lorenzo Patrese (ITA) and Leonardo Moncini (ITA), forming a Gold crew, while Andrey Mukovoz, Dylan Pereira (LUX), and Max Hofer (A) will compete in the Bronze Cup with car #66. In the Sprint series, there will be two Pro crews with Feller and Aka on car #99, and Haase with Ferrari on car #88, while car #66 will be entrusted to Pereira and Mukovoz in Bronze.


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